Start a Small Business Online as a Baby Boomer

Baby Boomer building his Internet business

Want to start a small business online as a Baby Boomer?

Guess what? You’re not alone. Baby Boomers make up one of the largest growing segments of new entrepreneurs.

Rather than “do” retirement in the traditional sense…you know, play golf every other day sandwiched around long bouts in front of the TV…

…we’re moving onto the Internet and learning how to become consultants, coaches, book writers, podcast specialists, video marketers, webinar presenters and sellers of all types of products and services.

It’s About More Than Money

While it’s true that many Boomers are off-setting their retirement nest eggs by generating new, lucrative online income, it’s not only money that’s the motivating factor for starting a new Internet based business.

Health and wellness plays a large role. The “old world” view of retirement is often bland and encourages physical sickness or unstable mental health.

The stereotypes abound:

  • Sitting on the couch day in and day out
  • Eating unhealthy food
  • Depression setting in as a “boring” retirement life drags on
  • Health deteriorating as contact with others and little physical exercise becomes the “norm”

Baby Boomers are rejecting this way of life in droves.

You can too! Instead of seeing the typical retirement age as “The End” you can opt for a "New Beginning."

Use Your Gifts

The amazing aspect about the Internet is that when you decide to start a small business online you have the ability to instantly use your God-given gifts.

I always recommend identifying your unique talents and creating an Internet business around them. It’s often building your “platform” or growing your own online/social media community.

In the process you’re able to use the knowledge you’ve gained over a lifetime inside a business model where others will happily pay you for your expertise.

How? By wrapping it up inside entities such as books, podcasts, membership sites, video tutorials, etc.

Imagine creating an entirely new income stream as you build a business offering your mentorship to those in need!

You can accomplish this goal by offering personal 1on1 or group coaching.

Or, if you’d rather keep your time free for more fun and games while producing a new residual income stream, there are ways to operate your business in a way where your products/services are sold in a more “auto-pilot” manner from an email list or website/blog traffic.

How to Start a Small Business Online

The first obstacle is usually how to get started.

Once the initial thrill wears off after you’ve imagined how great growing a new, passive income stream will be, it can be easy to allow your mind to run wild with reasons why it might not work.

If you’re not careful you can talk yourself right out of starting a business that can affect you and your future students/clients in a positive way.

It’s not as hard as you might believe. Every task you must complete in order to run an online business from home is learnable. You’re never too old to learn and understand how every entrepreneur (young and old!) builds success online.

I’ll take you through the process in an “easy-to-understand” process.

I’ll teach you how to master each step, whether it’s how to create your first site, get your first email subscriber, attract your first social media “fan”, make your first video or create your first product.

Baby Boomers are the next wave of successful online entrepreneurs. Let’s make sure you’re one of those folks who rides that wave…let’s help you earn more income while creating a lasting legacy for others to follow!

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